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The journalism students at Michigan State University are grateful for the support of our partners, who have helped us ideate, design and test our tools and practices for the Fair Chance Reporting initiative.

The Detroit Free Press has supported the Fair Chance Reporting project from inception. The Free Press, a Gannett company, is the oldest newspaper in Michigan, with the largest and a robust multimedia presence. Pulitzer Prizes and Emmys attest to its quality. 


MLive is a digital network with journalism roots stretching back 200 years. Today, it has 10 newsrooms and eight publications. MLive delivers news, sports and entertainment coverage, striving to observe and advocate for local communities.

With the help of partners, the students at Michigan State University have worked to ensure that journalism is planned and that marginalized communities are not overlooked the news media. Our students intentionally seek the opinions and perspectives of everyone — younger and older, Black and White, liberal and conservative. And they work to avoid a one-sided view of issues and distorting the picture of their communities and to uphold our journalistic ethics. 

We welcome the support of any journalist, editor, newsroom and professional association that wants to ensure that journalism students are taught to cover their communities with intentionality.

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Join us.

We welcome the support and participation of all journalists, editors, newsrooms and media organizations.


We also welcome donations to our initiative so that our students can continue developing the tools to further Fair Chance Reporting.

If you would like to learn more about our tools and our practices for Fair Chance Reporting, please contact us.

Message sent. Thank you!

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